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Trout: Oregon’s Deschutes River has consistently been rated one of the top wild trout fisheries in the nation. Prolific insect hatches give anglers an opportune chance to catch native Deschutes River redside rainbows on dry flies from size 20's all the way to size 2’s. The salmonfly hatch on this beautiful canyon river brings anglers from around the world for a chance to cast big bushy dries for the redsided brawlers that await these clumsy insects. The dense caddis hatches follow on the heels of the Salmonfly hatch. Add multiple mayfly hatches and you've got the makings of season-long dry fly action.  

Steelhead: In late summer, trout give way to their larger ocean-going counterparts. Steelhead enter the Deschutes in late July, with one salt fish at 4 to 5 pounds,  two salt fish 6 to 9 pounds, and three salt steelhead up to 20 pounds. These fish take a fly as well as any race of steelhead and provide reel screaming runs and acrobatic leaps.  The fly-rod friendly water and great numbers of fish coupled with ideal conditions allow us to fish dry-line and often dry-fly to these great fish. Our float trips range from one to five day floats, giving anglers an opportunity to present their flies to a great number of fish.

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Now is the time to start thinking about dates for your guided trip down the Deschutes River with the staff of the Riffle Fly Shop. We will book up quickly for the prime dates in 2007 so give us a call to get you on the books.

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